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16th Sietes Revueltas Street
11300. La Línea de la Concepción. Cádiz. Spain.

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ControlSub, Base for La Siesta web sites

Control Sub was formed in the nineties with the aim of offering quality management and resourses control in benefit of recommended projects. By way of continuous information regarding the employment of direct action, ControlSub promotes the development and execution of work entrusted to us.

We facilitate all burocratic and coordination measures with regard to marine projects and contracted works, both off and on shore, using our ample experience in all subsea services, as well as saturation diving, providing a level of security in these activities, comparable to on land projects and works.

Our extensive professional historial, together with speedy response enables the CONTROLSUB team to coordinate any urgent or programmed project within 24 hours on the Iberian peninsula, and pending international requirements, we are well prepared in the professional diving world to undertake all hydraulic subsea works.

Tradición e Innovación al alcance de su proyecto.

The company's professional development is based on the technical advances that are employed to preserve the security of all workings and the optimization of resourses. The commitment of our team is rigorous responsibility on all projects, to form the optimum teaming between Controlsub and its clients, key element in all operations undertaken by us.

Technical team.:

  • Divers: HSE Closed Bell Gas Saturation.
  • Pilots .R.O.V.
  • Legal analysts and Engineers.
  • Technical Dept.

Technology and Innovation. Controlsub commitment.

Investment in technology and the continual formation of our team is the permanent objective of Controlsub, to the adaptation of our clients requirements on varied projects

It is fundamental to adopt the latest technological and formative measures. Constant renovation allows for an optimum management of resourses.

Quality certificate.

Oca 9001 and Oca 14001.

Logotipo de certificado de calidad - ControlSub | Base for La Siesta web sites Logotipo de certificado de calidad - ControlSub | Base for La Siesta web sites ISO 9001 is an international regulation based in the management and process control requirements with the aim of self improvement.
This regulation centres on the detection and determination of organisational process .The evaluation of required fields has been audited by our personal who comply with all the technical competence as the regulation requires.


The technical resourses together with basic values such as integrity and job satisfaction, primary aims of the company, facilitate objective information with regards to communication, coordination and development of work project. The correct development and security on a work project is our main responsibility.
The Manta ray represents our image and effort, its presence in all the warm waters of the world transmits security, protection and control in its adaption to its environment, which we aspire to say are principal characteristics of Controlsub S.L.
The image of our logo alludes to the availability and experience of Controlsub. in different operations around the world.