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CONTROLSUB was formed in the nineties with the aim of offering quality management and resourses control in benefit of recommended projects. By way of continuous information regarding the employment of direct action, ControlSub promotes the development and execution of work entrusted to us.
We facilitate all burocratic and coordination measures with regard to marine projects and contracted works, both off and on shore, using our ample experience in all subsea services, as well as saturation diving, providing a level of security in these activities, comparable to on land projects and works.

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16th Sietes Revueltas Street
11300. La Línea de la Concepción. Cádiz. Spain.

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Video and Photography Marine

Documentation or underwater underwater photography is simple with companies like SL Controlsub therefore has the best diving personnel and technical equipment suitable for underwater work of graphic documentation.

Legal experts.

An efficient service in areas of expertise and underwater diving operations by performing the following activities in rescue ships, naval certification, repair docks, installation and removal of naval, launching and installing pipes, damage control.

ROV (Remote Operative Vehicules)

ROV (Remote Operative Vehicules) ROV, means "Remotely Operated Vehicle" (is a ROV), ie a unmanned underwater robot, which is linked to a control center, surface via a cable called umbilical multiple connections. SL Controlsub pioneered the use of...

Control and monitoring of underwater work.

SL ControlSub coordinates and supervises work using techniques: cutting and welding, hydraulic, afloat repairs and salvage vessels, facilities and diving systems, underwater inspections, underwater work with explosives, underwater search and...

Advice underwater projects.

Controlsub SL offers technical assistance through its team of highly qualified and complete implementation of the project, planning and recording of data to conclude with a final report. The experience of many projects underwater and localizer...